Olymp Trade Expands the Boundaries for Making Money on the Internet

Olymp Trade Expands the Boundaries for Making Money on the Internet

You’ve probably heard about the global financial market on which you can earn income without leaving home. Some have even tried to make their first million, but their attempts didn’t pay off. Primarily because the traditional process for gaining access to trading is very complicated and discourages beginners.

A user-friendly online tool – binary options – has been created especially for those who want to start seeing results faster.

It offers an opportunity to make trades and earn profit on price changes. You have access to the same professional assets (currency pairs, stocks, metals, and indexes), but the platform’s interface is more user-friendly and understandable, and the profit is known in advance.

Olymp Trade, a young broker that has already won the hearts of traders, offers the best terms for trading binary options in Turkey today. What’s behind its success?

Make up to 90% profit on every dollar you invest in 1 minute

You don’t need to download and install any software to trade binary options: all you need is a laptop or telephone and internet access. Just open the Olymp Trade website or app and “Start trading.”

To make your first trade, just predict how the price of an asset that strikes your fancy will change. For example, you know that Apple shares are rising. Close a trade on a rise in Apple stock, and you can see the result just a minute later.

The yield on trades on the Olymp Trade platform is 80-90%. Invest $10 in a trade and a minute later you can get $19; invest $100 and get $190, and so on. But if you don’t want to risk even $10, no one will stand in your way. The broker’s minimum trade is $1. We’ll talk about how to minimize risks next.

Earn more with minimum risk

To take advantage of features unavailable to the majority of traders, open a VIP account at Olymp Trade.

The main advantage of this account is that the maximum possible profit margin on a trade is 90%. Imagine, a trader with a regular account and you with VIP status close 5 profitable $10 trades. A trader with a regular account makes $40, but you make $45.

Second, VIP account holders trade with minimum risk. VIP users get risk-free trades right after they sign up and then every month. This is unique to Olymp Trade – you can get your investment back if the trade loses money. For example, you close a $100 trade and are sure that it will succeed. But the chart turns against you, and the trade closes in the red. If it’s a risk-free trade, the money will be returned to your account.

VIP users also withdraw their profits 5 times faster. Withdrawing profit from the Olymp Trade platform takes 24 hours on average and, at most, 5 business days after the request is submitted. VIP clients have advantages here, too. Their withdrawal requests are processed first. This usually takes a few hours.

All users enjoy no-fee withdrawal of their profits to bank cards or through Qiwi, Webmoney, Skrill, and Neteller payment systems, and even to a Bitcoin wallet.

And that’s not all. VIP users have access to restricted trading strategies. On the broker’s website, any Olymp Trade client can find free trading strategies that can be the foundation of profitable trading. Olymp Trade has a whole department dedicated to VIP trader support. Every day the department’s analysts look for investment ideas that would be of interest to VIP clients.

Turkish-language user support

The Olymp Trade client support center operates 24/7 in Turkish. You can contact it via online chat at the website, by email, and by telephone. The broker also has a Facebook group. You can get recommendations on trading, money management, trading psychology, how to select trade times, and other information through any of these channels.

Specials for novices

The Olymp Trade platform is the optimum choice for novices. First, because the broker has the lowest threshold for market entry among its competitors. You can put just $10/€10 on your account. This means that, in the beginning, when you are just learning the profession, you don’t need to deposit and risk large sums.

Second, each Olymp Trade client is given a demo account. There are no additional terms and conditions to activate it. You don’t even have to make a deposit on your live account. You trade on the demo account – the platform’s functionalities are the same for both. The only downside of a demo account is that you can’t make withdrawals – it’s virtual, too. The best approach is to use it to practice and, when your trades start to work out, switch to the live account and start making money.

To summarize, Olymp Trade is a reliable broker with a functional, easy-to-learn platform, and favorable trading terms. Working with the broker is the optimum choice for both novice traders and experienced market players. This seems to be why we’re now coming across so many positive comments about Olymp Trade.

Start Trading Now: Olymptrade.com

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