The Choice of South Africa’s Modern Traders: Olymp Trade

The Choice of Modern Traders: Olymp Trade — South Africa’s Up-and-Coming Broker

Fortunately, the times when we made money on the internet by clicking on links, sending spam, or reprinting texts are long gone. Old methods that produce a modest income are being supplanted by new ones that are exciting and truly profitable.

Video blogging on YouTube or trading, for example. And if the prospect of filming your private life story doesn’t tempt you, trading just might be a truly attractive possibility. The popularity of Olymp Trade, a binary options broker, has been soaring in the last few months. Surely, you’ve already come across this name. But, if not, let’s explore together.

What do we know about Olymp Trade and binary options?

Binary options are a kind of exchange contract that is used to make a profit on changes in the prices of currency pairs, stocks, and other financial market assets. Olymp Trade, for example, has more than 60 of them: currency pairs, stocks, commodities, and indices.

The appeal of binary options is that trading in them is really simple, far simpler than with other instruments. All you need to do is to predict how an asset’s price will change: whether it will be higher or lower that the current position. Unlike Forex trading, you don’t have to wait for a convenient time to sell an asset. Especially when you might wait months for that time.  And the yield on binary options trading is high — up to 80-90%.

Olymp Trade has been a binary options broker since 2014. The brand belongs to Smartex International, which is registered in the Seychelles Islands. The broker has an international license from the Financial Commission. This is an independent organization that protects traders’ interests in disputes with a broker. Financial Commission guarantees compensation up to $20,000 if the dispute is resolved in the trader’s favor.

In 2016, the broker was name the “Fastest-Growing Broker of the Year” by ShowFx World. That same year the Olymp Trade trading platform won the IAIR Awards prize as the “Best Platform for Trading Binary Options.” In 2017, Olymp Trade won in the category “Best Financial Broker” at the annual CPA Life conference.

How much can you make at Olymp Trade?

The broker offers simple, fast access to binary options trading, a minimum deposit of $10/€10, no commissions or spreads on any transaction, and profit withdrawal in 24 hours.

The yield on each trade is 80% for regular accounts and up to 90% for VIP users.

Another plus is trading speed. At Olymp Trade you set any expiry time for your trade: from 1 minute to 23 hours. Imagine that you put $100 into a trade, and a minute later you get $190. Not bad, eh?

Bonuses and specials

The broker has a bonus system in addition to its attractive terms for binary options trading. For example, if you refill your account within the first hour after registering, you’ll automatically double your deposit. For example, if you put $30 on your account, the broker will credit $60 to your account.

Later you’ll also get bonuses when you refill your account. The bonus isn’t that big, but it’s still significant and depends on the amount of your deposit. It is usually 20-50% of the amount you add.

Olymp Trade also holds contests and specials in which it gives out bonuses and risk-free trades with enviable regularity.

A risk-free trade is another nice addition to profitable trading on the Olymp Trade platform. The broker offers clients a unique system for insuring trades. This means that your investment is returned to your account even if your prediction is wrong. If your prediction doesn’t pan out and the trade closes in the red, real money is returned to your account. So you lose nothing, even if the market goes against you.

Unlike many brokers, Olymp Trade also allows you to cancel any trade and preserve part of your investment. If you see that the chart has turned sharply in the other direction and there is no chance of a profitable closing, just cancel the trade. Part of the money that you invested will be returned to your account. The earlier the trade closes, the more money you get to keep.

Withdrawing Profit

As we said before, at Olymp Trade you can withdraw profit within 24 hours. All you have to do is fill out a request on the website. You can download money to any convenient source: bank cards, QIWI, Webmoney, Skrill, Neteller, and even a Bitcoin wallet.

24/7 Client Support in Turkish

If you have problems trading – something isn’t working or you just need advice, you can get a prompt response from Olymp Trade’s client support center. The support staff works 24/7 and speaks Turkish. You can also contact them by email at, by online chat at the website, by Facebook message, or by telephone.

That’s why Turkish traders are increasingly choosing Olymp Trade. Working with the broker and platform is simple, seamless, and secure. You’ll be served by a reliable broker, earn a high return on each trade, and receive the profit the day after you fill out an application.

Don’t worry if you do something “wrong”: at the beginning, all traders use a demo account with a virtual $10,000. Try, learn, get used to the platform, and only then switch to real money.

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